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Instead, a system of “guardianship” still infantilises and controls women, requiring the permission of a father, husband or son for many major life decisions including marriage, travel, even some kinds of medical treatment. A 2014 medical code of ethics prepared by a state institution declares that a woman’s consent should be sufficient to receive health care.

  • Isra is the perfect name for an imaginative little girl, as it means “nocturnal journey” or “to travel at night.” Perhaps your little Isra (pronounced ees-RA) will have adventurous dreams!
  • In total, 1,719 female workers were found to have improved relationships with SST-trained supervisors, and more voice and choice within the workplace.
  • Helping other women become more mobile is one reason Alaswad wants to be a part-time driver, encouraged by her son who also worked for the firm when he was finishing his degree.
  • This was achieved through the provision of soft skills training to supervisors of female workers in the ready-made garment and citrus sectors.
  • The fiancee of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Hatice Cengiz, criticised the invitation and its implications that the UK, and the international community, were turning a blind eye to Saudi Arabia’s excesses.
  • Women between the ages of 15–49 are said to be the most affected.

After years of managing a car rental company in Syria, her mother’s home country, Alaswad reckons she can drive cars better than many men in Saudi Arabia. She fled to Syria after her marriage broke down over a decade ago. Now she is back, happy her country is changing and keen to play a small part in transforming the roads and getting women out of their homes by becoming one of Saudi Arabia’s first female taxi-drivers with the ride-hailing app Careem.

Rights and permissions

Yet, working to change the stereotype image of Arab women through official and social media, is one of the proposed solutions to achieve a positive increase in women’s political representation in the Arabic-speaking world. In a study conducted by Nithya et al., severe abdominal pain was recognized by 56.5% of the women in their sample to be the most common danger sign during pregnancy, followed by heavy bleeding . This can be attributed to the lack of both awareness programs at the primary care level and community awareness through social media platforms. Acharya et al. and Mukhopadhyay et al. documented that only 27.8 and 37.2% of the women in their samples knew any one danger sign during pregnancy, respectively . In contrast, 69.7% of women in our study knew at least one danger sign. This is a healthy indication of the awareness level among Saudi Arabian women compared to their south Asian counterparts . Regarding the danger signs during labor, our study showed that a higher percentage of women knew prolonged labor was a danger sign.

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The government prohibited them from holding jobs for two years following the incident. However, their actions prompted much debate and controversy within Saudi society over the lawfulness of the driving ban. This initial action was one inspiration for the women who later catalyzed the 2007 campaign. The Financial Sector Reform Activity supports Ukraine’s economic development and growth. Influenced the development of guidelines on licensing of home-based businesses that were adopted by the Jordanian Ministry of Local Administration. Licensing processes were institutionalized and implemented across 17 municipalities and had a significant impact on women’s sense of agency and engagement in local government, as well as increasing their ability to generate incomes. Your baby girl will be as cute as a button, so perhaps she needs an Arabic name with a cute sound or meaning.

Aseel Al-Hamad, founder of IDegree Design, an integrated interior design agency, became the first female to be appointed as a board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation. She champions the voice of female drivers in the Kingdom. In September 2007, the League began circulating a petition directed at the Saudi government under King Abdallah Bin Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud. The petition asserted that women should be given the right of freedom of movement, in the interest of more comprehensively developing society. The League stated that the petition would be circulated and presented to King Abdallah on National Day during the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, the 23rd of September.

Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine—Arab Women’s Enterprise Fund (AWEF)

AWEF worked to change the way markets work by tackling critical underlying constraints that limited whether and how women participated in markets. At the end of 2017, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced that it would allow women to drive starting in June 2018. The typical portrait of a Saudi woman is a person who is raised in a conservative home, covered in a hijab, and made to follow the rules laid down and supervised by the men in her life. These stereotypes are not untrue, but have become less so over time because the Kingdom has slowly begun to allow women to enjoy many of the freedoms that were once exclusively reserved to men. These freedoms are privileges that previous generations of women would not have dreamt of, but the current generation is experiencing and benefiting from. Here are even more long names with pretty, unique, and powerful meanings.

In reality, however, the requirement for guardian permission is dependent on a particular hospital’s internal regulations, and the government does not penalize institutions that require consent. Human Rights Watch spoke with medical professionals at private hospitals that do not require guardian permission and others at public hospitals that require guardian permission for a woman to be operated on or admitted. Human Rights Watch has documented how requiring guardian approval for medical procedures has exposed women to prolonged pain or, in extreme cases, to life-threatening danger.

The man does not need to inform his wife that he intends to divorce her, nor must she be in court for her husband to obtain a divorce decree. Wafa al-Khatib, a housewife in Baghdad, wants to slim down, so she asked her mother to do more of the cooking to help her resist culinary temptation. 7.Political empowerment has improved in the region, apparently more than doubling the rate in 2006, according to the WEF Gender Gap Report, but it is still very low. Globally, the average percentage of women in parliament is 25%, but across the Arab world as a whole, women only hold 7% of parliamentary seats. To celebrate International Women’s Day, here’s a list of facts about women of the Arab world. Mona Bawarshi is CEO of Gezairi and an active philanthropist committed to seeing Lebanon and the Arab world prosper.

Under the customary tribal law existing in Arabia at the advent of Islam, women as a general rule had virtually no legal status. They were sold into marriage by their guardians for a certain amount of money, the husband who’s the one in control of everything, could terminate the union at will, and women had little or no rights to property or inheritance. On the other hand, other authors have agreed that women’s status in pre-Islamic Arabia was poor, citing practices of female infanticide, unlimited polygyny, patrilineal marriage, and others. Saudi historian Hatoon al-Fassi considers much earlier historical origins of Arab women’s rights. Using evidence from the ancient Arabian kingdom of Nabataea, she finds that Arab women in Nabataea had independent legal figures. She suggested that they lost many of their rights through ancient Greek and Roman law before the arrival of Islam. In a strictly gender segregated society, many religious scholars uphold the ban on the grounds that it is immoral under Sharia law.

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By simply using Nurul, you theoretically have the “light of” everything! Meaning “rightly guided,” Rashida is the feminine form of Rashid, one of the 99 names for Allah, the Islamic god. In Arabic script, the name has either a long first or second vowel, so you can pronounce it as RA-shee-da or ra-SHEE-da. Another one of the more powerful Arabic girl names, Sultana is the feminine form of Sultan, which means “sultan.” Of course, a sultan can also mean “king” or “ruler” in Arabic. Pronounced TA-lee-ba, this name is the feminine form of Talib, which means “seeker of knowledge” or “student.” Abu Talib is the uncle who raised the prophet Muhammad after his parents and grandparents died. Meaning “trustworthy,” “reliable,” “loyal,” and “perfect,” the name Wafiya might be the best Arabic girl’s name for your “perfect” little baby!


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